The main objective of RO-CHER is represented by the development of synergies between the scientific activities within the four component projects, namely the integrated research dedicated to the study of the mobile and immobile cultural and historical heritage using new space technologies and classical in situ and ex situ analysis methods.

Its specific objectives consist of: monitoring the CH objectives with the support of space technologies; developing materials and innovative techniques based on soft nanomaterials for CH safeguarding; recommending an integrated management system (conservation, restauration, protection) for CH assets; and promoting CH by using state-of-the-art technologies of digital reconstruction.

RO-CHER also addresses the funding programme objectives, i.e. development of the partner organisations’ capacity by capitalizing and disseminating the knowledge and research results; providing technical assistance and high-level scientific and technological services; initiating and developing viable collaborations with partners from the public and private economic environment; increasing visibility at international level.